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You Are Enough

Emotional Authenticity, and How to Find It

The camera can detect real emotions in your performances, every time. It can also catch you forcing it or faking it - every single time! Let us help you to make sure you're connecting to the authentic feelings inside of you, without pushing anything unnecessary, to achieve your most genuine performance!

We do this by facilitating a safe and supportive place for you to discuss and experience what it's like to use your real life emotions in a scripted scene. Slowly, we gain the confidence and know-how to bring our truest selves to the performance!


The goal is to use your unique life experiences - combined with imagination work - and bring them out in a constructive (and always safe) way that helps to support the emotional story being told.


Sometimes we need to use more imagination work to put ourselves in a brand new situation - but we can always find a way to base that in our real feelings!


Facing, Naming/Articulating and Exploring Big Emotions can be scary! But since emotions ARE the colors you paint with as an actor - you must bravely learn how to harness them. To reach down inside yourself, feel the feelings, and bring them up and out.


So many scenes these days ask for an intense amount of emotional work that sometimes erupts in the middle of a scene. In order for you to pull it off... there is no faking it. You Gotta Go There. And remember: You Are Enough.

PS - it's not supposed to look like Acting, it's supposed to look REAL.

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