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Audition Coaching via ZOOM! 

Just got an audition and feeling... Nervous? Lost? Overwhelmed? We got you!

Matt and Michelle have collectively coached over 1000's of hours of self taped auditions, and we will help you get specific, hone your skills, and feel confident in your performance. We will incorporate lessons & direction from all of our Core Classes (Start With The Story, You Are Enough, and Now Let's Get Technical) to bring out your most dynamic performance!


You only get one chance to leave a great impression, let us help you!

***Although Matt & Michelle are incredibly invested in your success, we cannot reasonably guarantee that you book the role that we coach you on. There are always factors in the decision making process that are beyond the actor's control. Do know that the work you put into your craft is cumulative and will compound over time. We will always celebrate your growth and your markers of success (callbacks, pins, check avails, chemistry reads - are always wins). Careers take time to build! Put in the work, be patient and keep going!

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