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What our Clients have to say! 

Meet some of the students that Matt and Michelle have worked with. Some started with a lot of experience in the industry, and some started with almost none!

Gabriella Surodjawan, Actor

"Matt and Michelle's coaching has been an invaluable asset in my journey to becoming a working actress.  Their expertise in character development, providing feedback resulting in polished and unique auditions, and prepping for booked roles has been vital to my career.  They are not only mentors but, also, my biggest cheerleaders. I’m so lucky to have them in my corner and on my team. Truly, truly blessed."


Jacob Mendelson, Actor

"Our son, Jacob, has worked with a number of Coaches through the past few years. Matt and Michelle have been different from all others in a number of ways. First, they didn’t just focus on the lines. They focused on our son. They got to know him, and figured out how to get him to reach deep down and pull his best performances out of himself. Second, they didn’t try to force Jacob to develop the character the way they saw it; rather, they helped him to develop a character the way HE saw it. There are many people out there who Coach kids through reading sides. Matt and Michelle taught our son how to embody a role. We look forward to many years of our son continuing to work with both of them."

Becky M., Parent

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Mila Isabella, Actor

"Working with Michelle has enabled Mila to go deeper into dramatic material. And then on the flip side, she's also gained confidence and specificity in her comedic auditions. Michelle encourages embracing, honoring and honing a child's own impulses. I love this approach, because at the end of the day it's the child that has to be able to come to set and fulfill the storytelling themselves. Coaching with Michelle provides craft and support for the long haul. Best and easiest decision towards Mila's growth as a performer. Thanks Matt and Michelle Coaching!"

Caroline C., Parent

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Shylo Molina, Actor

"Thank you for the last minute coaching, Michelle. You’re incredible and inspiring. It’s so cool to watch you and Shy act together because you’re both so freaking amazing. I’m just really grateful to know you and have you in his corner. You are the greatest acting coach on the planet!!"

April M, Parent

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Jacob Laval, Actor

My classes with Matt are intense and  I learn a lot but they are also really fun. 

A lot of times our 2 hour class goes by quickly and I never find myself checking the time waiting for it to end. Matt’s approach at learning the story is really helpful for remembering the lines and instead of just memorizing them I find it also helps me put myself in the character’s mind."

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Curtis James IV, Actor

"My son took Matthew’s “Start With the Story” class, which was 1:1.  From start to finish, his experience in the class was nothing short of transformative.

  Matthew created a safe and supportive environment.  He fostered a space where my son felt comfortable taking risks, making mistakes, and pushing his boundaries. Constructive feedback was always delivered with kindness and encouragement, allowing him to grow without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged.  Matthew’s unwavering belief in my son’s abilities gave him the confidence to take risks and embrace vulnerability in his performances. 

 If you're serious about honing your acting skills and reaching new heights in your craft, I wholeheartedly recommend this class."

Shauna J., Parent

Ava Fernandez, Actor

"We absolutely love Michelle! She has been my daughter's acting coach for a year now. Michelle is very encouraging and gives honest feedback. She is able to gently push my daughter beyond her limits. Michelle has proved invaluable to my daughter's growth as a young actress. Do not hesitate to receive coaching from Michelle! She is amazing and truly cares about you not only as an actor but as a person!"

Jen R., Parent

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Shelley Holt, Actor

"I am thriving in Matthew’s "Start With the Story" Series. In the first course, I learned how to research the tone of a project and break down scripts. There was a mock audition challenge on the final day where I had the opportunity to test out everything I learned. The subsequent class focused on process-driven emotional work. By staying in the moment and learning to access myself personally, Matthew helped me develop my own unique emotional tool set. Looking forward to the strike’s end so I can show casting what I have been up to!"

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 9.35.33 AM.png

Jack Austin, Actor

"I was so glad to see him more confident in his lines. I know your strategy is working with him. It’s exciting to see! We really appreciate your expertise and coaching! :) Glad to be working with Matt and Michelle for this movie! It's going to be so much fun!"

Kyla H., Parent


Ava Fernandez, Actor

"My 10 year old daughter took Matt's Start With The Story course. They met online for 4 sessions, each session being 2 hours. They were able to cover a lot of ground and my daughter was not bored. She looked forward to his class every week!   Matt is professional, kind and funny. His class is student-centered; they worked on specific areas she needed help with. Thanks to Matt, my daughter has learned so much about script analysis and character development. She left feeling more confident in her craft!"

Jen R., Parent

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 8.51.54 AM.png

Natalia Valentina, Actor

"I can not adequately express in words how grateful we are to have found Michelle Campbell.  With so many acting coaches to choose from it can get overwhelming to know if your child is in the right hands.  From our first interaction with Michelle I knew we had found someone special.  Not only is Michelle's coaching top notch, but she sincerely cares about her students' growth as actors and as individuals navigating the industry.   My daughter has reaped so much wisdom not only regarding acting technique but also mindset towards the challenges of this industry.  Michelle gets results and my daughter loves working with her."

Jennifer J., Parent


Henry and Owen Dammacco, Actors

"My sons have been training with Matt and Michelle for the past year.  In this year, I have watched them grow as actors.  Matt and Michelle know how to keep them motivated and work with them to accomplish their best.  They are very positive and do a wonderful job of making sure they understand the characters and why each line is being said.  Both coaches truly care about their students and want to see them succeed.  Highly recommend!!" 

Kristin D., Parent

Screen Shot 2023-08-14 at 1.26.56 PM.png

Izayah Guerrero, Actor

"World's Best Acting Coach, hands down! We love you to pieces!"

LaRonda G., Parent

Talia Criniti 1.jpeg

Talia Criniti, Actor

"You are awesome!"

Tatiana C., Parent

Screen Shot 2023-09-02 at 4.52.25 PM.png

Kylee Levien, Actor

"Thank you for all your help! 

Casting called her agent to say that she liked her audition and will keep her in mind for future roles!"

Jenni L., Parent

Screen Shot 2023-09-02 at 5.01.23 PM.png

Clayton Chewning, Actor

Thank you so much for the help! 

Clayton loves working with you and his team was very happy with the tapes. 

Thank you for all the kind words, I passed them along to him!!"

Cory C., Parent

Brittney N, Parent

"Oh my goodness! You are the BEST! I'm so glad we found you!!!! THANK YOU!"

Steve C., Actor

“Michelle Campbell is one of the most effective coaches I know for TV, Film & Voice acting. She actively listens to actors, quickly identifying areas of a performance that need help. And she expertly guides the actor to a more powerful final delivery. Her coaching helped me book a TV role recently, and she will definitely be my go-to coach again!”

Magdalena B., Parent

"He really enjoys his coaching with you. You are the 1st coach (not even me alone with him) that he is willing to do more takes for. Michelle, I can’t thank you enough for all your help, patience and dedication to truly helping him shine like we knew he could. There are just no words for how thankful we are for having you as his coach and helping him understand that it’s ok to play and do more than 1 take. Thank you so much for your help with this audition. It was amazing to see you work with him on this and get such a raw, emotional take. I agree his audition definitely gave me chills and had me tearing up."

AJ B., Actor

"You are an amazing coach who helped me love playing pretend again. Thanks for helping me elevate my auditions to a whole nw level I didn't even know I was capable of. Your continued support and patience with me is always appreciated."

Cecilia S., Parent

"Michelle is an amazing acting coach.  Her energetic guidance has taught my daughter to embrace, connect and play with script characters enabling her to produce quality auditions that stand out.  Michelle's patience, knowledge and commitment has resulted in a huge growth in my daughter's confidence and ability.  She is our secret weapon and directly responsible for the bookings my daughter has landed.  Michelle's coaching is absolutely priceless!"

Lisa O., Parent

"You are amazing!! Manager, agent, and assistant all said he did amazing 😉 he wouldn’t have done so without you. Thank you so much!"

Tasida W., Parent

"My 11 year old actress daughter absolutely LOVED working with Michelle Campbell on a recent audition for the lead in a feature film.  Michelle has a way about her that helps actors to feel comfortable.  She has a gift of being able to emotionally reach actors to bring out their absolute best.  It did not go unnoticed that Michelle loves what she does and she works really hard until things are right. Michelle is also uber talented and is an inspiration to my daughter.  We can't wait to work with her again!"

Megan H., Actor

“Michelle is such an incredible coach and person! What makes her so amazing is her very own acting experience that she brings with her to help you! She is booking like crazy in the acting world! When she coached me she found moments that I had skipped over and she helped it all come together into a seamless and grounded performance. She doesn’t stop until she believes you in the scene and will do everything in her power to get you there. She also creates a safe and loving environment so there is no judgment, only help for you to do your best. She truly truly wants you to succeed as an artist. And she truly cares. Getting coached by her is a no brainer.”

Melissa T., Parent

"Thank you so much for helping us. I just want to say Thank You! He booked it!"

Janelle A., Parent

"Michelle you are phenomenal! Thank you so much for everything! He really enjoyed working with you. Thank you so much for taking your time with him. We love and deeply appreciate your notes. Thank you SO MUCH for them! They help us both… him as an actor, and me, as clueless reader!"

Roxanne E., Parent

"They really enjoyed working with you! I have never seen them get off or out of a class so pumped up and ready to study or work on “homework.” Thank you!"

Curtis J., Actor

"Love working with you, thank you for always pushing me outside of my comfort zone."

Becky M., Parent

"Thank you so much for this! He learned so much today, and cannot wait for his next session with you!! You are the best, and we are so grateful to you!"

Katrina F., Parent

"Thank you! You are so helpful! So much better than when I try to tape the girls by myself!!"

Alexis B., Actor

"Thank you so much! You were so helpful, I feel very good about this audition, you gave me great notes."

Lisa G., Parent

“You’re amazing, Michelle and she owes a lot to you for your great coaching! You’re so caring and she absolutely loves working with you!"

Suzie S., Actor

"Michelle has a keen eye for quickly assessing what tweaks an actor can make to create a more engaging and honest performance. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and she will buoy your confidence with her positivity. I love working with her!"

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