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Coaching & Classes

We've learned everything the hard way. Lucky for you, we're teaching it the easy way!

Audition Coaching

Great Self-Tapes via Zoom!

Just got an audition and feeling... Nervous? Lost?Overwhelmed?? We got you!

Start With The Story:

Scene Study, Simplified

Scene Study is the essential Actor's skill to help you know the story, inside & out! 'Cause knowledge Works On Set!

You Are Enough

Gaining Emotional Authenticity

The camera can detect when we are faking emotions in our performance, every time. Great Acting doesn't look like Acting, it looks REAL.

Now, Let's Get Technical

On-Camera Technique 101

Film is a Visual Medium. Your job as the actor is to understand this and how to manipulate the lens to your advantage.

That's My Type!

Essence, Branding and Typecasting

Your branding and type is becoming a necessary component of your career. The sooner you can get specific the better! 

The First 10 Seconds

Electrify the very beginning of your audition!

Casting will often only focus on the very beginning of your audition - are you convincing them to watch all of your work?

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