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The First 10 Seconds

Grab Casting's Attention Immediately!

Let's face it - due to so many shifting factors beyond our control, the industry is at an all-time low. That means, less shows / less auditions / and less time in front of casting! Now, more than ever, the auditions that we have the opportunity to send in really matter! Not because we’re desperate (lol), but because we need to get into the right mindset and make every second of our work memorable, from start to finish. How does one do that, you might ask?


Has anyone ever told you that Casting only watches the first several seconds of your auditions? While it's not always true, Casting Directors have the extremely difficult job of finding the right person for the role - but that means going through hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of auditions before they find someone that catches their eye! That means, they don't have a lot of time to watch every single audition in its entirety, but instead are usually focusing on the first 10 seconds to see if you're right for the role! 


That’s why, when you work with us, so much emphasis is placed on those beginning moments! Obviously, they want to see your chops; your emotional connection / authenticity, and your ability to understand and execute the material. But they’re also looking at how strongly you’re committed to it all - right at the beginning of your scene. Before the lines even start. 


You have this short window to reel them in and show them the magic of who you are “in this role” before they make the decision to even finish watching your audition. They have so many auditions to watch in a small amount of time... so how do you make a great first impression in your work? How do you make that beginning moment of your audition really count?


We're happy to announce our new workshop that focuses on empowering the opening of your audition. It’s called “THE FIRST 10 SECONDS”, an exciting way of starting auditions that will help your work shine - and the best part is, it makes auditioning fun! Because, this class will include the magic of Improv! And don’t let that scare you - no previous improv training is required.

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