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That's My Type!

Headshot Branding & Knowing Your Type

Do you feel like Casting doesn’t know where to put your awesomeness in TV/Film? Do your reps know? Do YOU even know?

Now more than ever, actors need to understand who they are, how they come across and how to harness that information for their success in the biz (especially for those actors just getting their foot in the door!). And typically, we need to start with the most obvious piece of advertising - our Headshots!


With the thousands of shows available to us across all streaming platforms, it's becoming crucial to know how you stand out. Your branding and type has already become a very necessary component of your career. And the sooner you can specifically represent your true self in your actor materials & lean into your type-casting, the better!


But FIRST, you must to do the hard work of analyzing yourself and your “essence,” and concentrate that into your headshots, reels, clips, EPK, etc - so that reps & casting can see you for what you bring to the table. 

Matt and Michelle will work as a team to help you nail down this crucial information to help you on your road to success.



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