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Start With The Story

Script Analysis Like The Pros

Is your idea of preparing for an audition just memorizing the lines? As a result, are your performances looking flat and one-note? Do you get lost when asked to communicate ideas about the character, or what they want in the scene? Well, memorizing the lines is never enough, because you really have to

Start With The Story!

This course was initially created to help students better memorize their lines by accessing the world and events that their characters are experiencing. Truthfully, what we're really teaching here is the foundational work and necessary skillset of Script Analysis!

Script Analysis is the Actor's best friend that helps you fully understand the nuances and complexities of:

  • Every relationship in the scene and how they affect your performance

  • How the environment affects your character

  • What the writers intentions are with each line

  • How your character is supposed to help move the scene forward

  • What the goals / obstacles / psychology of the characters are

  • And more!

Not sure what any of that means? Then this class is for you! 

Each session will focus on how to break down the scene into its working parts and help you really know how to identify and incorporate all of the findings into your work and make your performance what every industry professional wants it to be - SPECIFIC and DYNAMIC.


Additionally, this course will be an asset in leveling-up your memorization skills!

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